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Thursday, June 23, 2022

How To Lose Weight Just In 7 Days At Home

How To Lose Weight Just In 7 Days At Home 

Have you been struggling with losing weight?

We’ve got a lot of articles on how to lose weight without much effort, but can you really lose weight with just 7 days at home? The answer is yes! Here are 5 steps in order to do it with little effort and what your diet plan requires to get results.

Drink water

Water is essential for metabolism, so be sure to drink plenty of water each day and never skip it. Also, you can replace the salt with Himalayan pink salt. It will help you to increase the pH level in the urine which will ultimately cause more water loss. So when it comes to drinking water, add as many ounces as possible you want.

Eat right

Eat at least 3 meals each day, if possible choose some vegetarian protein or whole grain bread. If you eat vegetables daily, they will definitely contribute to weight loss

Moreover, this will help you to get enough calcium and other minerals, so your bones will become stronger in the future and you will have less chance of getting osteoporosis. 

Therefore, think about adding fruits, spinach, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, tofu, egg, cheese, and meat into every meal. This will help you to get enough nutrients necessary to fight off diseases and keep weight off.

Exercise regularly

There are lots of exercises that won’t require much effort. For example, walking by the park will also do. However, if you already exercise regularly, make sure to add it with resistance training. Resistance training is extremely helpful in burning fat. When you train at home, make sure to mix them up every once and a while. 

Or you also could use weights or resistance machines. Exercises for both men and women are also available. Try exercising at least 4 times a week. Don’t forget to choose a schedule for every time you want to work out. As soon as you feel like doing something, 

don’t procrastinate!

Do some research on healthy eating

You should always read the labels on the food you buy and buy only those things where it has the most important ingredients and nutrients. For example, chocolate bars or cakes usually have sugar, cream, and eggs.

Instead, try eating things that have no added sugar and only a few pieces of the actual chocolate will satisfy hunger. You should also know whether the product was cooked or baked. The last thing you want is junk. By finding recipes to cook and reading the ingredients list you’ll not only get more knowledge about the ingredients but also the correct preparation of the dish.

Go to the doctor

Last but not least, reach your medical practitioner to see what kind of foods can help you get rid of extra pounds quickly. You could also ask their advice on what kinds of vitamins, and supplements you should take. This is important because supplements can affect your metabolism. 

Furthermore, the experts suggest avoiding processed snacks that contain additives such as white sugar. Moreover, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, not frozen ones. Finally, it is possible to find online reviews that can give you an idea about how long it takes before a person gains weight again.

here is the 7 days diet plan where you can lose weight 3kgs easily;


  • Eat some dry fruits
  • Eat one egg boil with a piece of whole wheat bread
  • After 1/2hour eat one apple
  • Green tea(optional)


Make a bowl of salad with green vegetables like spinach, salad leaves, cucumber, and green bell, and squeeze a lemon into it. Enjoy it happily.


  • Eat 250g grilled or boiled chicken.
  • Not forget to drink a lot of water along with it.
  • Hopefully, you will get good results after this diet plan.


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